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Tree service encompasses a range of activities, including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and general tree care, provided by experienced contractors and arborists in Waltham, MA. Norfolk Tree Service emphasizes the importance of skilled professionals handling all aspects of tree maintenance to ensure the health and safety of the trees and property. They offer meticulous tree trimming services to promote tree growth and maintain aesthetic appeal, efficient tree removal for hazardous or unwanted trees, and thorough stump grinding to clear the landscape effectively. Operating not only in Waltham but also in neighboring cities, their team is dedicated to delivering top-notch tree care solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Why Is Tree Service Important?

Tree service is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of trees, ensuring they do not pose any hazards to properties or individuals. Regular tree care and maintenance play a vital role in promoting the longevity and vitality of trees, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. By investing in professional tree services, property owners can prevent potential dangers caused by overgrown branches or weakened trees during storms. Storm damage and debris removal services are especially important in mitigating risks and restoring the landscape to its pristine state post-natural disasters.

What Sets Us Apart

At Norfolk Property Tree Service, we set ourselves apart from other businesses. Our team is dedicated to achieving excellence in all our endeavors through hard work, distinguishing us as pioneers in our sector.

Tree Service

What Services Are Included in Tree Service?

Tree service includes a variety of essential activities such as tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting and transplanting, and tree health and disease management.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are vital for maintaining the health and aesthetics of trees, performed by licensed and insured professionals. Regular tree trimming and pruning help in promoting strong branch structure, reducing the risk of breakage during storms or high winds. By removing dead or diseased branches, it prevents the spread of diseases and pests, thus improving the overall health of the tree. Trimming enhances sunlight exposure and air circulation within the canopy, aiding in better growth and fruit production. Hiring skilled and insured arborists ensures the job is carried out safely and efficiently, protecting both your property and the tree itself.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary when trees are dead, diseased, or pose a threat to property, and it is best handled by experienced contractors who offer emergency tree service. Dead or diseased trees can become unstable, risking damage to buildings, vehicles, or even causing harm to people. In such cases, the skilled expertise of professional tree removal specialists is essential. These contractors not only ensure the safe and efficient removal of trees but also provide valuable advice on preventive measures and post-removal care. Emergency tree services are crucial in urgent situations like storm aftermaths where fallen trees block roads or pose immediate danger. Having access to prompt assistance from knowledgeable contractors can prevent further property damage and ensure safety for the community.

Stump Removal

Stump removal, often achieved through stump grinding, is crucial for eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring thorough debris removal from the property. When a tree is cut down, the remaining stump can pose various risks, including becoming a breeding ground for pests and inhibiting the growth of new plants. By opting for stump grinding, the stump is ground into small wood chips, which not only eliminates the tripping hazard but also accelerates the decomposition process. These wood chips can be repurposed for mulching, adding a sustainable aspect to the removal process while ensuring a clean and safe environment. Removing the stump completely also prevents unwanted sprouting and potential disease transmission to surrounding vegetation.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Service?

Hiring a professional tree service offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, the use of proper equipment and techniques, and the expertise of licensed and insured arborists who ensure quality standards and customer satisfaction.


Safety is a primary concern in tree service, and experienced professionals ensure the safe removal and maintenance of trees, minimizing risks to property and individuals. One of the key safety benefits of hiring seasoned tree service experts lies in their extensive knowledge and understanding of tree dynamics. They can accurately assess the condition of a tree, identifying potential hazards, and strategizing the safest approach for its care. These professionals are equipped with the right tools and equipment, allowing them to carry out tasks efficiently while adhering to strict safety protocols. Their expertise also enables them to foresee and mitigate potential risks, ensuring smooth operations without compromising safety.

Proper Equipment and Techniques

Professional tree service companies use proper equipment and advanced techniques to perform tasks efficiently and safely, showcasing their tree surgery expertise. One of the key pieces of equipment utilized in tree service is a reliable chainsaw, which allows professionals to make precise cuts and safely remove branches or trees. Specialized climbing gear such as harnesses and ropes is essential for reaching tall heights and navigating the tree canopy effectively. The use of pruning shears ensures that branches are trimmed with precision to promote tree health and growth. Tree service experts also employ advanced techniques like directional felling to control the direction of tree falls, minimizing risks and damages. Their proficiency in using these tools and methods is what sets them apart in the industry.

Saves Time and Effort

Hiring a professional tree care service saves time and effort, allowing property owners to focus on other important tasks while experts handle the maintenance. Professional tree services are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to efficiently handle tree trimming, pruning, and removals. By entrusting these tasks to skilled professionals, property owners can avoid potential risks and hazards associated with DIY tree care. Expert tree services offer specialized services such as disease diagnosis, pest control, and tree planting, ensuring the overall health and longevity of the landscape. This level of expertise not only saves time but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal and value of the property.

Prevents Damage to Property

Professional tree services prevent damage to property by safely removing hazardous trees and maintaining the health of existing trees. Overgrown or diseased trees can pose a significant risk to nearby structures and homes, especially during storms or high winds. By employing skilled arborists and utilizing specialized equipment, tree services ensure that dangerous trees are removed without causing harm to the surrounding area or structures. Regular maintenance, such as pruning and trimming, also plays a crucial role in preventing potential hazards and preserving the overall aesthetics of a property. Through expert care and attention, these services help property owners safeguard against costly damages and enhance the safety and beauty of their outdoor spaces.

What Are the Risks of DIY Tree Service?

DIY tree service carries significant risks, including the lack of proper training and equipment, potential for injury or property damage, and the possibility of inaccurate assessment of tree health.

Lack of Proper Training and Equipment

Without proper training and equipment, individuals attempting DIY tree service may face challenges in safely and effectively completing the tasks. These challenges can lead to serious consequences such as injuries, property damage, and even legal liabilities. Professional equipment and expertise play a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of tree services. Specialized tools like chainsaws, tree pruners, and climbing gear enable professionals to work efficiently and with precision. Trained arborists understand proper tree care techniques, such as pruning and tree removal, minimizing the risks involved. By investing in professional services, homeowners can benefit from expert guidance, insurance coverage against accidents, and the assurance of a job well done.

Potential for Injury or Damage

DIY tree service increases the potential for personal injury or damage to property, as the tasks often involve hazardous activities. One of the major risks of undertaking tree service tasks without professional guidance is the lack of proper equipment and expertise. Handling heavy equipment, climbing trees, and cutting branches can result in serious injuries if not executed with caution. Improper tree trimming or removal techniques can lead to property damage, including structures, vehicles, and surrounding landscape. Investing in a professional tree service not only ensures safety but also helps in maintaining the health and aesthetics of the trees.

Inaccurate Assessment of Tree Health

Inaccurate assessment of tree health is common in DIY tree service, whereas professional arborists can expertly diagnose and treat tree diseases. Tree health assessment is a critical aspect of maintaining a flourishing garden or landscape. Accurate diagnosis of tree issues can prevent irreversible damage and ensure the longevity of the trees. Arborists have the expertise to identify signs of disease, pest infestations, and nutrient deficiencies that may not be obvious to untrained individuals. By hiring arborists, property owners can benefit from personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each tree. This targeted approach improves the effectiveness of treatments and minimizes the risk of further complications. Arborists can provide guidance on proper tree care practices to promote overall tree health and resilience in the long run."

Improper Pruning Techniques

Improper pruning techniques used in DIY tree care can lead to long-term damage and negatively affect the health and growth of the tree. When trees are pruned incorrectly, it can leave them vulnerable to diseases and pests, compromising their structural integrity. Without proper training, individuals may unknowingly cause irreversible harm to their trees by cutting too close to the trunk or excessively trimming branches. These actions can result in open wounds that are slow to heal, inviting pathogens to enter and spread within the tree. Lack of knowledge about the specific pruning requirements of different tree species can also lead to suboptimal results.

Kristy Gentes
Kristy Gentes
Abner was incredibly responsive to my inquiry to cut a tree. He came by same day to give a quote and the tree was cut in less than a week. Price was very fair and work was high quality - the team left our yard very clean! I highly recommend.
Very professional, thorough and reasonable price. Very recommended.
John z
John z
Great experience with Norfolk Property Tree Services. Removed an 80 foot pine with fencing or a garage within 15 feet on 3 sides with no problems. Very affordable and very professional in taking the tree down, grinding the stump and cleaning everything up afterwards. Highly recommend.
Great communication, on time, reasonable price, and great work. Cleaned up the site of removal. Would highly recommend.
Jin Bae
Jin Bae
I had 7 trees removed and 5 trees trimmed in my backyard. Abner was highly responsive from the beginning to the end, and I’m satisfied with the quality and speed of his team’s work. The pricing was also reasonable.
Matthew Sloan
Matthew Sloan
We had a tree fall on our roof during the recent snow storm and called for an estimate at 5 PM. They came by that night to look at it, gave an estimate and removed the tree the next morning at 9 AM. Reasonable price efficient work, highly recommend!
Abner and his crews are the best! He is prompt, quick, very does very thorough cleaning, and most importantly very competitive prices. Would certainly look for him again in the future.
John Rossi
John Rossi
An excellent job by a professional and friendly crew. The cleanup was extraordinarily thorough.
Cuong Pham
Cuong Pham
Great service. The crew came and did it very quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.
Al Newstadt
Al Newstadt
Abner and his crew are great at what they do. They took down trees that threatened our house and limbed out many others that had overgrown. They were efficient and on time, took care of details and left the propery spotless.


Experienced & Licensed Professionals

Our team of tree experts is essential to the success of Norfolk Property Tree Service. They possess the necessary skills and training to perform tree work safely and proficiently. Our permits and insurance guarantee the proper care of your property and trees. This should offer you peace and reassurance.

Free Consultations & Competitive Rates

Are you seeking help figuring out how to care for your trees? We offer our assistance at no cost. We will examine your trees to determine their well-being and advise you on maintaining their health. On top of that, our prices for all our services are very reasonable, providing you with excellent value for your money.

Guaranteed Satisfaction & Educational Resources

Norfolk Property Tree Service’s primary focus is ensuring your satisfaction with our service. We guarantee that we will deliver high-quality work that meets your satisfaction. To assist our customers, our website offers a wealth of helpful resources, including a blog featuring tree care tips and educational information.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are devoted to safeguarding the environment through our responsibility for Waltham’s city trees. Our commitment lies in utilizing sustainable methods in all our endeavours. Our approach to tree care prioritizes environmentally friendly practices. We utilize eco-friendly materials and repurpose tree waste to minimize our environmental footprint.



A tree service Waltham MA typically offers a wide range of services such as tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and emergency tree services.

The cost of tree service Waltham MA varies depending on the type of service needed, the size and location of the tree, and other factors. It is best to get a quote from a reputable tree service company for an accurate estimate.

Yes, reputable tree service companies in Waltham MA are insured and licensed. This provides protection for both the company and the customer in case of any accidents or damages during the tree service process.

Emergency tree services involve the immediate removal or stabilization of fallen or damaged trees due to storms, accidents, or other natural disasters. This includes removing fallen trees from structures or roads, repairing damaged trees, and removing hazardous branches.

It is not recommended to remove a tree on your own without proper knowledge and equipment. Tree removal can be dangerous and should be left to trained professionals to ensure the safety of yourself and your property.

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